Jun 12, 2012

before and during:
upstairs hallway

before: dingy white walls.

here is the progress i've made so far:

i painted the walls and ceiling with behr {cumulus}.

it's a subtle change, but when you look at the before and after ((or rather, during)), you can definitely appreciate how much cleaner and airier the hallway feels after painting.

i, of course, decorated more switchplates with washi tape.
(( psst! see how to fancy up your own switchplates here! ))

pictures are finally being hung!
...also another light switch, another tape attack.

i hung the pictures a bit high because i'm planning on getting more of these frames on our next ikea trip. they are bare wood 4x6" frames that i painted black. they're ridiculously cheap...like three for $1 or something along those lines.

the current view of the hallway from our master bedroom:

note the diamond window wall hasn't been painted yet. if you look closely on the ceiling, you can see where the blue stops and the dinginess begins.

i would love to hang a short pendant light to replace the nipple-fixture.

maybe this one...

...or this one...

i'd also like to buy a new smoke detector at some point -- the current one is pretty yellow with age. and i want to repaint all the trim bright bright white.

...finally, we still need to hang the giant ruler growth chart...

i'll post more pictures once the stairwell is complete...
   ...and more family photos are hung!

* mari

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