Jun 22, 2012

before and after craigslist dresser

i love it, but...it's been sitting in our garage for over a month slowly...slo-o-o-owly...getting a makeover. it had to be cleaned...then sanded...then primed...then painted...then minds changed so it had to be REpainted.

when fish cleaned up the garage, making room for the imminent construction of K's bed, we moved the credenza to its final spot in the dining-room-turned-workspace, finished or not.

forced to see it everyday while i work from home,
i finished it in about three days.

i painted it with an oops! find from home depot: a quart of martha stewart {francesca} i bought for ONE dollar. 

the inside was painted with martha stewart's metallic paint in {vintage gold}. i used haphazard brush strokes for a fun finish.
sneaky peek of not-quite-finished yellow polka square walls...

as a final touch, i spruced up the hardware with a fresh coat of gold spraypaint.

i love the end result! it has so much storage, yet it remains a simple piece with modern curves and angles.

* mari


  1. LOVE IT! I love upcycled furniture!!!

  2. This came out awesome!!! Seriously what stops you from repainting everything you own... I think I would if anything I touched up ever came out this good LOL

    1. thanks geniewtdbh! i do have to restrain myself sometimes... :)


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