May 7, 2012

salvaged drawer!

lil' archer K and i went on a walk this evening and came across a pile of junk on someone's curb. 

sitting pristinely atop the pile of junk...was this beautiful old drawer!
isn't it GORGEOUS?????

i almost left it there. almost

i thought about what a mess our house is...and will be for a long, long time.

i thought...i don't need to add to the pile of STUFF in our home.

i seriously thought about the bugs in the pile of junk that were waiting to attack me as soon as i grabbed for the drawer.

but, then i glanced back over my shoulder at it...

...and i walked home holding K in one hand
and an old wooden drawer in the other.

i have only a very rough idea of what i want to do with it. i immediately thought about putting casters on it - a drawer on wheels! it could be a fun roll-around bin for K's cars...he'd be able to drag it to wherever he wants to play.

...or i could roll around potted plants to keep them in the sun throughout the day.

or i could forgo the wheels altogether and hang it as a pseudo-shelf-slash-shadowbox!

we could use it for incoming mail or to corral magazines...

i could have used it as my rainboot tray...
except i already painted one of our baking pans red. 

ooh! it could sit next to the rainboot tray and be my handbag drop-spot!

OR K could use it upside-down as a step to reach the faucet when he washes his hands.

we could attach legs underneath and and transform it into a fun little side table!

we could use it as firewood!
just kidding...

i wish i looked through that pile of junk more
carefully to see if there were any other old drawers.

i thought about spraypainting the handle gold...but i kind of like it the way it is. mismatched screw and all.

i also considered painting the inside.

just an old drawer on the outside.


whatever i do, i think i want to leave the outside as is -- although i do plan to seal it in case there's anything nasty (bugs!) or toxic (chemicals!) on or in it.

love love love love love!

* mari

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  1. Really cool - I immediately thought of using it for potted plants or just a little garden. I think I saw some chest of drawers garden on AT...



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