May 4, 2012

progress on the master bed

the master bed frame is nearly complete!

fish is doing a SPECTACULAR job on his first major woodworking project!!

please ignore the surrounding messiness. fish has to build the frame in the bedroom because we wouldn't be able to get the assembled frame up and around the staircase.

...and the legs have been conditioned, ready to be stained:

after fish stains and attaches the legs,
then nails the slats to the frame,
then stains the frame...


...then it STILL won't be time to move into the master bedroom.

we'll still have to open our jack-in-the-box mattress and let it "breathe" for three days.

it's looking like a july master bedroom move-in date.

((( psst! see the finished bed here! )))

* mari


  1. I have a question my husband and I are making this bed. What are the measurements that your SO used in making this?

  2. hi portia! i contacted my husband and am waiting for an answer -- i'll get back to you as soon as i know specific measurements. :)


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