May 23, 2012

painting the black mailbox...black

the outside of our house needs A LOT of work, which is extremely intimidating to me. i know interesting architectural details and beautiful landscaping when i see it...but i haven't the first clue what to do with our house or how to go about achieving it.

fish and his parents have done SO MUCH yardwork:  moving bushes, planting new flowers, mowing, weed-whacking, grassing up bald spots, removing a one-hundred-pound-plus water pump, digging up wild garlic patches ((our yard REEKS))...

i've been helping when i can -- sure, i can hold that garbage bag while you rake ten tons of sticks into it! -- but truthfully...any improvements to the outside of our house is completely thanks to my hardworking hubby and his amazingly talented and generous parents!

i finally took my first tiny step in contributing to the outside appearance of our property by painting the mailbox.


i wanted to keep the mailbox black because there are a lot of light-colored elements in the outward appearance of our house: light brick, light stone, light roof, white door, white windows, white gutters, white garage, white railing...about the only bit of contrast is this lone, black mailbox.

a couple of coats of paint later and...

still black, but much improved nonetheless!

p.s. i just love that we live in a neighborhood where the mailbox is on our front porch. the mailman parks at the end of the street and walks from door to door, delivering the mail -- it feels so...leave it to beaver!

next up: painting the rusty white front porch railing black...

* mari

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