May 5, 2012

OUT with the heavy, heavy drapes!

when we decided to buy this home, i naturally started thinking about all the changes we'd make...and i knew we would be taking down the heavy, heavy drapes and funky shades hung in the living room windows as soon as possible.

aren't the shades lovely??

i'm pretty sure the decorative fan shape was achieved with a chip bag clip.

the shades were off-putting from the outside as well...

my darling mother-in-law made it one of her first priorities to take down the blinds...but, i was still left with these heavy, heavy drapes:
p.s. please excuse the gigantic mess. we don't really have a use for the front room yet, so it has become the gathering place for paint, tools, projects in progress, etc.

after a couple of weeks, i couldn't take it anymore! 

no matter the cost, i had to get new window treatments STAT!

but...of course the cost mattered. boo! after buying a house and a car and saving up for a second car, there's not much in the budget for decorative items.

i initially wanted to make new drapes, but really...anything we hung across that huge expanse of window was going to be overwhelming and heavy. unless we hung sheers...and sheers don't provide much privacy.

i then decided to look into roller shades. why roller shades? because it is REALLY HARD to find anything that will cover a 75" x 75" window that doesn't cost a gazillion dollars.


in my roller shade search, i stumbled across this site and i realized i could get their house brand double cell shades custom fit for our windows (!!) for about the same cost as roller shades...and ((i was hoping)) they would look much nicer.

so, i ordered the shades.

...then waited for them to be made.

...THEN waited for them to be shipped.

they arrived yesterday.

i immediately took down the drapes:
ahhhhh, LIGHT!

i then ((impatiently)) waited for fish to come home from work...do his errands...play with lil' archer K...eat dinner...

...then take down the curtain hardware!

the shades were amazingly easy to ((watch fish)) put up:


and look!
they can go top down and/or bottom up!

((unfortunately, we were shortchanged on hardware so we're waiting for the company to send us the parts needed before we can hang the last shade.))

in the light of day:

a huge difference!

* mari

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  1. I love these!!

    The before shades look like the cheapie black-out shades I had hanging in my apt bedroom. They were not cute, but served the purpose :)



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