May 18, 2012

our first craigslist purchase

did i mention we finally bought an suv for me? i LOVE it!...and fish is such a MASTER BARGAINER that we got it for below dealer invoice!!

it's crazy.
crazy awesome.

...but the main reason i'm so excited is because i now have a vehicle to haul stuff home in. you know, from garage sales, thrift shops, curbsides, craigslist ads...

i found this wood credenza listed on craigslist for $80 and, taking a cue from fish, i was able to talk them down to ONLY $70!
   ...i know: impressive, right??
            * please note sarcasm *

while i was working, fish kindly drove the 40-minutes-during-non-rush-hour trip IN rush hour to get it for me.

see how it's *just* inside the garage door? yep, it's HEAVY. there was just me and fish to get it out of the toyota and that's as far as i could carry my end without dropping it and possibly losing a toe.

i'm not quite sure of my final vision for it, but i know i'm putting it in the dining-room-turned-workspace. it's going to be storage for all my office supplies, reams and reams of paper, workstuffs...maybe even my printer? if it will fit in one of the side doors.

i took the hardware off with the intention of buying new handles...but the holes are spaced only 1" apart -- most handles are at least 3" wide. it's slim pickings for 1" wide hardware and i can't find anything of the meager selection that i even remotely like.
   so now i think i may just spraypaint them...not sure what color.

inside: storage galore!

i took the drawers out because the insides were kind of gross and i wanted to paint them -- it's becoming a habit i think...

i was toying with the idea of leaving the outside as is...then i thought about painting it black...but, now i think i may paint it one or two shades darker than i'm painting the living room, which is open to the dining-room-turned-workspace.

we will see!

* mari

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