May 4, 2012

painted brick doorstop

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i love this old brick fish was able to snag 
from a demolition site near our last apartment.

the brick was made by the indiana paving brick and block company,
which existed between 1891 and 1917.

ah, history!

it's been sitting on a shelf, waiting for me to imitate martha stewart's gilded bookends...but i don't have many books since getting a kindle a few years ago.

...and the few i do have are already displayed here:
no need for a gilded brick bookend.

HOWEVER. it was a wonderfully warm and breezy day yesterday so we opened all the doors and windows and let the crosswinds air out the house.

...and after just a few wind-induced door slams,
we discovered we do have a need for a gilded brick doorstop!

i used e6000 to glue some felt to the bottom of the brick
so it wouldn't scratch up our floors.

my only qualm is that bricks eat paint up. you can't really tell i used gold metallic paint unless you're holding it in your hand. maybe i'll try adding a few more coats to see if that makes a difference...

what do you think?
do you have any old bricks laying around that you feel like painting?

do you have more need for a bookend or a doorstop?

* mari
nope, you're not crazy.
this post was reformatted in march 2013.


  1. Love this brick! A little homage to your home state ;)


  2. I love it and I really need a doorstop at the moment... hope I still have some paint somewhere...

    Xoxo, Sanne


    1. thanks sanne! i'd love to see your finished brick!


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