May 7, 2012

insane in the membrane?

i may have just done something crazy. it's either insanely awesome...or completely wack-a-doodle.

it all started this morning...lil' archer K and i went to home depot to pick out the yellow paint for the dining room. i took one look at gold buff and thought: yep, that's camel.
even though i tested it on the wall last night and thought it looked yellow...it was SO NOT YELLOW at the store.

of the other two swatches i mentioned in my quest to replicate the farrow&ball polka square wallpaper...

golden chalicewas a little too green in person. like vomit. ick.
...but yellow gold was PERFECT!

i inspected ALL the yellows -- believe me! -- and yellow gold was the only shade i thought could work: not too neon. not too lemony. not too sunshiny. not so golden that it looked tan.

just what i wanted!

i started painting during K's nap...
it's YELLOW.

i just painted our walls BRIGHT A$$ YELLOW.

i was initially kind of scared. 

how is this going to work again?? 
did i pick the wrong color??
am i insane??
why didn't i just pick a nice beige????

but, then i remembered...it's just PAINT.
and also...i love yellow.

if i went temporarily insane at home depot, i'll take it as a $30 lesson and find another color...but i think it's all going to work out. surprisingly, fish likes it! i'm excited to see what the dining room will look like after i stencil a bunch of tiny white squares on the yellow walls.

* mari


  1. Can you paint the desk & bookshelf?


  2. does that mean you DON'T think i'm crazy and i should definitely keep the yellow? :) i though about painting the furniture...black?

  3. Yellow and grey with black is all the rage


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