May 9, 2012

kitchen knobs and pulls

the previous owners of our house completely gutted and remodeled the kitchen...but never added hardware for some reason.
sad, naked cabinets...

it went on our to-do list, but lived somewhere very far down the list since it didn't seem to be that imperative that we have knobs.

BUT...in my quest to now concentrate on one room at a time...and to eliminate the slight irritation every time we have to pry open a cabinet with the tips of our fingers...

i ordered knobs and pulls.
just like that!

no, not really. it involved countless hours of research. many nails were bitten. many measurements were recorded. many peanut butter m&ms were consumed. they stimulate the creative juices. 

screenshots were taken!

diagrams were drawn!

templates were cut...

...and taped to the cabinets.

dads were called.

emails were exchanged.

and then...
only THEN...
did i order knobs and handles.

i can think of maybe five people that will ever pay attention to the kitchen hardware. but I am one of those people and these knobs make me soooo...happy.
pretty, pretty...

fast forward a week: fish was a bonafide *ROCKSTAR* and installed ALL the kitchen cabinet knobs and handles less than 24 hours after we received them.


rewind to installation: we found out the template we bought to install the knobs and handles didn't really work for us. there weren't any holes in the vicinity of where we wanted our knobs to be...and all of our handles were too wide for the template, which only extended to 4". our shortest handle was 6".

so fish went ahead and drilled some new holes in our template.

we then used that new and improved template to make sure all of our knobs were in the same position on all of the cabinets. it's just that easy.

why, yes, i was just an observer during all this.
how did you know?

okay...FISH used that new and improved template to make sure all of our knobs were in the same position on all of the cabinets.

there was some cursing.

it's really scary to watch someone drill into your nice cabinets. i'm just glad i don't know how much they actually were. ...maybe that's why there was no hardware? maybe the previous owner couldn't bear watching her cabinets being drilled into after however much she paid for them.

mystery solved!

p.s. another use for sticky notes...

here's the inaugural hole!

yadda, yadda, yadda...

...aaaaaand helloooooo, my pretties...!

fish installed all of the knobs in one night, but couldn't attach the handles because even though we bought longer screws ahead of time...they still weren't long enough.

did you ever notice drawers are thicker than cabinets? me either! but, my dad told me when i was choosing hardware that i would need to buy longer screws for the drawers because the ones that come with handles are never ever long enough. he was right: they came with 1" screws, we had the 1.25" screws that we bought ahead of time...but ended up exchanging those for 1.5" screws. yeesh.

fish got the correct screws the next morning and finished installing the handles while i worked during K's nap...i.e. i wasn't able to hover over fish's shoulder to take in-progress pictures.

the end result is...divine.

here are the templates that lived on our cabinets for a week or so:
i should be a professional knob and handle template cutter-outer.

* angel chorus *
that's the big-a$$ 32" drawer i was telling you about!
we ended up getting a handle over a foot long for it.

i say the kitchen is nearly complete because i ultimately want to change the lighting. there's a flush-mount in the middle of the ceiling and a semi-flush-mount over the sink. they look like nipples. you know what i'm talking about.

also, we still need to do something about the windows. i cleaned and shortened the blinds -- shortened to the correct length of the window so there wasn't a stack of a million extra blinds at the bottom -- but, they still look...dingy.

i really really want black shades (not blinds) and i think our most economical option is to get some dark grey roller shades from ikea. it would be less than $100 to get shades for all four windows. we've had one before, acting as a quasi-door in a loft we used to live in, and it worked quite well.

we shall see, we shall see...!

* mari


  1. Did you decide on pulls, too?


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