May 25, 2012

before and during:
backyard jungle

what's the backyard jungle?



but, amidst all the chaos, do you see those lovelies growing against the back fence?...peonies!

they were planted way long ago by the original owner of the house. apparently the people we bought the property from didn't bother to do any work in the backyard jungle at all -- but the peonies kept on growing anyway.

that's really amazing to me. with all the available gardening products and plant food and special fertilizers and whatnot...that these flowers could just be completely neglected for over five years and still thrive.

anyways, back to the jungle: would you like to see the in-progress results of fish and his parents' hard labor? over the span of a couple days, they destroyed all the wild garlic, but managed to spare the peonies and some wildflower-looking plants.  i think i even spied fish tilling or something with a rake.

the peonies bloomed even more!
look at the color!

i still don't know what this wildflower-y looking bunch is...

...but the bee seemed to like them.

if it's a weed, it sure is a pretty one.

* mari

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  1. Oh PEONIES, I'm so envious. We moved from VA where I had a happy little garden filled with peonies, hydrangea and lilac bushes to icky-sticky Florida fifteen years ago and I still want to cry when I see pictures of peonies! I think the purple one is a wild chive. We had those too, and although it has "wild" in the name, I believe it's a cultivated plant. Pick one and if it smells like chives, then that's what it is. And it's edible!


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