May 21, 2012

adventures in painting:
dark taupe to light taupe

i like the color the previous owner painted the living room -- it's a grayish taupey neutral. unfortunately, i couldn't find the paint can in the basement so i have no clue what it is.

after removing the gigantic curtain rod ((that was holding the heavy, heavy drapes)) and spackling in nail holes...and from the walls being just plain dirty...we REALLY needed to paint.

off to home depot i went!
i really think they're starting to hate me there.

the living room is open to the workspace ((bright a$$ yellow)) and can be seen from the sunroom ((peachy pink)) -- so i wanted to stay fairly neutral.

i ended up choosing behr wheat bread:
i LOVE it!

it's definitely neutral...but it's not boring neutral.

luckily, it coordinates well with the fabric i chose for the living room curtains. i know i'm supposed to choose the fabric before painting, buuuut...it just didn't work out that way.

i like it with the floors too:

what do you think?
the perfect neutral, i'd say.

do you have any go-to perfectly neutral paint colors?

* mari

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