Apr 10, 2012

update from the trenches

the closing went remarkably well yesterday! 

i was a little scared when the attorney plonked down a sheaf of papers a few inches thick and said she was going to walk us through them, page by page...and we would have to sign or initial each one.


but, all in all, it "only" took an hour and a half.

   ...and OF COURSE we immediately went to the house 
to take this lovely picture for y'all.
that's us!

and that's our front door and that's our mailbox and that's our porch.......!

then we zoomed off to home depot, where we bought a little bit of this...
...a little bit of that...

...aaand after some hemming and hawing, i decided on paint colors for the two rooms we're hoping to paint before this weekend's move-in!

first things first. now that the house is ours (the house is OURS, eek!)...i'd like to introduce you to the sunroom:

i really really really wanted to knock down those shelves near the ceiling (hence the rubber mallet purchase). they don't look terrible, but i don't really see any practical use for them and i'd rather have more wallspace that i can paint.

...BUT the ceiling appears to be painted-over surface-mounted fiberboard tiles -- and they abut the shelves. so if we were to remove the shelves, there would be a ring of just plain ceiling around the room.

we didn't want to buy more of the tiles to make the ceiling uniform if we were to take out the shelves -- because ultimately it's not our dream ceiling -- sooo, for now we're leaving the shelves in.

for the walls, i decided on behr cool cream (top chip):
a little more peachy than i originally planned,
but i think it will look good.

here's the sunroom taped off...
 ready to be transformed from dark, moody purple

and this morning, after one coat of primer:

three coats were eventually applied.
we'll see in the morning if that was enough to cover the purple.

*fingers crossed*

* mari

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  1. Oh I LOVE the picture!!! This is so exciting!


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