Apr 21, 2012

tour: K's room

see tons of pics of lil' archer's K's room after the jump break!

come on in!

here are some "before" pictures of K's room. it was painted a quasi-army green-slash-sage color.

...and here is the "after" picture i posted a few days ago 
showing the chalkboard wall:

the wall is not nearly so immaculate anymore.
K loves drawing on it...
and erasing! who would have known?

we painted the walls with behr frost...

...and the ceiling with behr frost wind ((top chip)).

there are a couple of dressers in his room, which i use for toy storage.

i put his car and truck decals randomly throughout the room,
most traveling along the baseboard.

there are planes flying by the light switch:

...and fish had the idea to put a plane on one of
the ceiling fan blades -- K loves it!
((you can't tell the ceiling is blue at all in this picture.))

there's a car and truck traveling along windowpane way:

i love the ivy growing on his otHer window...

here's the bookshelf just under the ivied window. 
it's part of a stackable unit, but i separated them
and they are perfect toddler height!

we put a rug by his crib for a soft area to play.

this is an old wicker chair i got from my grandmother ages ago. it's the most comfortable chair EVER -- and yes, definitely needs to be repainted sometime soon. i put it in K's room so we had somewhere to sit and read before his afternoon nap.

   ...but HE loves the chair too! 
...so i think it may have a permanent spot in his room.

K's crib...with a steady rotation of handmade blankets from family friends hanging on it. i particularly love this one, which we received at his baby shower.

there are still several things we want to do -- like make a FORT BED and string up some fun felt ball garlands from the ceiling...
   ...but i think we've got a pretty great start.

i LOVE K's room!
(( and i think he does too! ))

* mari

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