Apr 7, 2012

stress level: midnight

we had our final walkthrough today. it was sweet seeing lil' archer K run through the house for the first time and watching him explore the backyard - a completely new concept to him. i'm already imagining our lives one year, two years, five years from now...in this house.

BBQs in the summer.
snowmen in the winter.

bringing our first dog home.

K learning to ride a bike in the driveway.

family meals.
family game nights.

sounds of little feet running up and down the stairs.

but i am stressed out about how we are going to clean and insulate and paint and more in three days.

the walls alone...they need a good scrubdown.  the first thing i googled after leaving was "how to clean walls." adding white vinegar and ammonia to our grocery list...

and...what a bittersweet feeling it was driving back to our apartment in the city from our house in the suburbs. i adore the city we live in and will definitely miss the city lifestyle.

...but i also look forward to making our house our home.

* mari

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