Apr 27, 2012

pretty, pretty keys

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time : minutes
difficulty  ★ ☆ ☆ ☆   
hazards : eye-rolls at your pretty keys
would i do it again? : most definitely

when fish and i bought our house, we each received three keys, one of which opens the front door. as for the other two...we have no idea. but i keep all three on my ring just in case.

every time i come home, i stand on the front porch and fumble for a moment because i can't remember which of these three mystery keys opens the door.
they look very similar, don't they?

to avoid the daily confusion, i decided to paint my keys different colors. i was inspired by c mae at {a day in the life}, however i was fresh out of glitter (what??!) so i decided to use nail polish instead.

glittery nail polish.
i painted a lockbox key as well, hence the four polishes.

pretty, aren't they?
1 // 2 // 3 // 4
don't judge on 3 -- i liked the color.

first, clean the key with alcohol.

then, dab polish on the key:

first coat:

wait about five minutes -- let it semi-dry.
then apply another coat.
then repeat.
(that's three coats total.)

here's a side view (still wet):

let it dry and you're done!
no topcoat needed.

the others:
purple guy's a little bent out of shape...harhar...

my favorite:
the 99¢ polish, if you recall!

what i discovered:

i definitely preferred the chunkier glitters --
they sparkle more in the sun.

clear or coordinating coats looked best.
i don't really love the gold glitter in black basecoat on the key.
love it on my toes however...

wish i'd used boom boom pow or i love the nightlife...

oh well, next house...
(both can be found here)

update: nearly one year later, with daily use, the nail polish has not chipped or lost its luster on any of the keys at all! i would highly recommend this method to identify your keys. 

* mari
nope, you're not crazy.
this post was reformatted in march 2013. 
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  1. Is the nail polish holding up?

    1. hi there -- yes it is! everyday use and they look just as sparkly as day one, absolutely no chipping. i didn't even use a topcoat. ;)

  2. Really nice idea :) Thanks for sharing!


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