Apr 3, 2012

plans for K's room

because there's so much other stuff to do in the three days between closing and moving in, we've decided to paint only the necessary areas for now: lil' archer's K's room and the sunroom.

i decided a long time ago i wanted white walls in K's room since it will be chock-ful of colorful toys. i can hardly believe this is me talking. eons of apartment living have made me CRAVE color. yet...for K's room, i'm set on white walls.

go figure.

have you ever shopped for white paint? there are about a hundred shades of white...blue-based. red-based. green-based. creamy white. grayish.

after a bit, NOTHING looks white.

i want the room to be crisply clean, so i'm opting for a blue-based white. then i want to paint the ceiling the faintest shade of blue -- easily distinguishable from the white walls, but i don't want it to be all "HELLO, I'M A BLUE CEILING."

i've changed my mind about fifty times, but i think...i think...
i'm leaning towards behr fog for the ceiling with frost walls:
i feel more committed just typing it out.


(this may be too ambitious for my sewing skills!)


how did our inspiration translate to real life??
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* mari
nope, you're not going crazy.
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