Apr 26, 2012

frame a picture with washi tape!

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while going through old photos, i found a picture of my mom in her younger days...standing in the scoop of an excavator.

   i'm not sure what the story is behind that.
...but lil' archer K loves it!

since my boy is gaga about construction vehicles, i decided to put the picture in his room.

first step: framing. you know i just got some washi tape, right??
and that i'm looking for any excuse to use it?
how about a washi tape picture frame??

i'm already in the practice of taking glass out of photo frames because i don't like when glare prevents me from seeing a photo. this is also why i print matte pictures. ...yes, i'm slightly picture crazy.

so i already have a stash of glass in the perfect dimensions:
4x6, 8x10, etc.

i centered the picture on the glass and used thin cardboard ((think: cereal box)) as a backing. then, i went around each edge with washi tape to secure the layers together.

here's a closer look at my "mitered" edge:

SO easy. seriously.

i then had the conundrum of...WHERE should i display the picture in K's room? i almost put it over the door -- because i've been wanting to display a picture or piece of art by propping it against the wall on a doorframe.

then i thought...well, that doesn't make any sense in this case. 
the picture is for K and he won't even be able to SEE it!

i finally decided i would just display it randomly on a wall. at toddler height....because don't they say you're supposed to hang art at eye level? and if this picture is art to K, it should be at his eye level.

so there you go.

i used 3m command strips ((LOVE those)) to mount the photo so the picture stands off the wall a teeny bit, but i still like it. 

here comes K to inspect my handiwork!

a picture mounted at toddler height...is toddler-approved!

psst! we've since added a few more pictures -- check them out here!

* mari
nope, you're not going crazy.
this post was reformatted in july 2013.

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