Apr 17, 2012

warning: extreme nastiness ahead!

it was a busy weekend for us - after spending a few days painting and insulating, we finally moved INTO the house!


there wasn't much time for cleaning before moving in so that has kept me extremely occupied. i open drawers, expecting they'll need a cursory clorox wipedown...
 ...and instead find THIS nastiness...

this was as clean as i could get the drawers:

i used some oops! paint to "refinish" the surface:

after two coats of paint:
my anxiety level just decreased tenfold.

...aaand after adding drawer liners:

usable bathroom drawers! 

as for the undersink cabinet: again, i cleaned it as best as i could.
apparently soap and toothpaste, if left long enough, will eat through paint.

it's not a total organization coup, but it's much better...

i'll make things nicer later. for now, i'm just concerned with getting all these boxes unpacked.

* mari


  1. Grossssss! Looks like you've got your work cut out for you

  2. How does that even happen?? I would have to work to make my drawers and shelves look like that! Good luck :(



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