Apr 6, 2012

tiny tutu card

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time : minutes
difficulty : ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
would i do it again? : fo' sho'

do you remember the tiny toddler tutu i made for my friend's baby shower? i decided to make a coordinating tutu card with the leftover tulle scraps...and followed the same basic method i used to make the actual tutus.

i LOVE how it turned out!

   > twine or thread (or string or floss or a rubber band...)
   > tulle scraps
         i used less than 12"x12" of tulle

01. use a needle to poke two holes in your card - spacing depends on how wide you want your tutu waistband to be

02. thread the twine through the holes
         knot the ends together on the backside of the card
note about the back: if yours is a folded card or you just want it to look neater, you can glue a square of paper the same color as your cardstock over the twine knot and holes to conceal them.

03. cut your tulle into strips and knot onto the twine waistband
         continue until desired fullness

04. trim the bottom and...

so cute!

pssst! see the surprise gift box banner i made for this gift here!

* mari


  1. That is really really cute idea. If I know anyone that is having a girl, I think I might do this. It's great!


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