Apr 23, 2012

can we build a platform bed?

we went to home depot today and bought the lumber for a king-size version of ana white's hailey platform bed that fish plans on building.

we bought a king-size foam mattress, yet are still sleeping on the couches because we don't have a bedframe.

the mattress is compressed into a box about the size of a mini-fridge.
and it weighs about three tons.
okay, more like 70 pounds.

because it's so dense and unwieldy, we're supposed to open the mattress directly on the platform bed -- i'm pretty sure it's going to EXPLODE out of its box like one of those snake-in-a-cans.

SO...yep, we really need to build this bed. then we can sleep upstairs and i can move all these pillows and blankets out of the sunroom.

i really wanted to build the bed (as opposed to buying one) and convinced fish after i showed him prices for quality wood beds.

then...we went and bought dimensional lumber instead of quality wood. 

BUT...as easy as it seems, this project could rapidly spiral down at any point. we want to make sure we're capable before plonking down cash for nice wood.

plus, i think i want to paint the bed black. if we were going to stain it, maybe we would have bought nicer wood.

we're being slightly ambitious:

fish made shoe shelves for us about five years ago.
we still use them -- he did a great job!

i've never built anything.
i'm pretty sure my role will be "watch the toddler."

((( psst! see the finished bed here! )))

* mari


  1. I'm lol-ing at your role in building the platform bed - good luck!


  2. A king-sized mattress eh? I wouldn’t be surprised if it weighs heavy. We have the same size of mattress and it took three grown men to carry it to our bedroom and straight to the bed frame. Good thing the guys who delivered it were so helpful. =D

    Twana Culver

  3. I currently have a platform bed I purchased from Walmart. I'm moving out of my parent's house soon and was planning on breaking it down and reassembling it once I move in. My boyfriend has the same bed as I do and recently moved and the bed totally fell apart after he put it back together. I love platform beds but don't want to purchase another one. Is this something that I could build with my dad quickly? Considering I'm moving into an apartment, I would obviously have to build it in the unit but don't want to disturb my neighbors while we build it.

    1. hi emily, i guess it would depend on how handy you and your dad are. building this bed took a few weeks, but it was fish's first major project. also, he worked on it in bits here and there between his daytime job hours, which require 60-80 hours per week. you could probably bang it out in a couple of weekends though! good luck and i'd love to know how it turns out! :)

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