Apr 8, 2012



we're closing tomorrow!

fish is already fast asleep...
...dreaming about baseball, i'm sure.

how can he completely remove himself from the excitement of our big day tomorrow, while i'm sitting (laying) here, a bundle of nerves?

making mental checklists.
imagining how the day is going to go.

my sweet mother-in-law is coming to stay with us this week to watch lil' archer K so fish and i can get the new house clean. and insulated. and hopefully semi-painted.

we started out thinking we could paint all the rooms before we moved in.
   then reduced it to four.
      then three.
         now two.

i now realize our house isn't going to be what i'm envisioning for a looong time. because there aren't 95 hours in a day. because we don't have unlimited resources. because we don't know how to do anything we want to do so it's going to take us ten times longer than it should. because i have a hard time simply committing to paint color.

and because i still want K to have fun...not sit around and watch me paint.

...oh, let's be serious -- he wouldn't be sitting. or watching.
he would be running. and smearing the wet paint.
and laughing!...he's lucky he's cute...

homebuying is a gigantic lesson in patience.
patience in finding your home.
patience in waiting to move into your home.
why can't the seller just say, "cool, you want it? here's the keys!"

now, there will be patience in making the home just right.

i thought motherhood made me patient, but now i realize it only made me patient *with regards to K*. and even that's not true some of the time.

just in case you were expecting a post about actual  butterflies instead of those in my tummy: i love this free download from just something i made - a vintage page of butterfly and moth specimens from 1937. i want to print it and hang it...somewhere. not sure yet.

p.s. i can hear fish puttering around after all - HA! i'm not the only one excited about tomorrow...

* mari



  1. I am so excited for you guys, I can't wait to come see the new house and help you with all your crafts! :)


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