Apr 29, 2012

building a bed

construction is under way on our bed!

fish finally had some free time this weekend so we went to home depot and bought the rest of the lumber needed to make our bed. then...he holed up in his workshop:
...the garage...

he got everything cut...

...and sanded:

now comes the time to make a choice about staining vs. painting...and what color? i originally wanted to paint the bed black, but then fish reminded me how much i LOVE the gray-stained furniture at room & board:

so i headed out to our friendly neighborhood home depot yet AGAIN and picked up a can of minwax classic gray wood finish stain:

we started testing different applications and combinations of the stain -- it's extremely light with just the first coat and i'm hoping it will darken significantly with not too many more coats. otherwise we may be back to painting it black...or staining it black?

if we end up staining the bed gray, i want to paint the master bedroom first because it currently has gray walls. SO, while at home depot, i also picked up several paint chips in the cobalt-navy range.

i'll post more updates when fish gets done mowing our lawn for the very first time!

psst! see the finished bed here and
the final master bedroom wall color here!

* mari
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