Feb 27, 2012

crab+fish...welcome you.

welcome to our corner of the world wide web!

my husband {the fish} and i {the crab} have been together for nearly eight years - in that time we have rented FIVE different apartments. knowing that we wanted to settle in the area we currently live in, we decided it was time to seriously consider buying a home.

our search began a little over a month ago. we saw 30-40 houses, there were a couple of almost-offers, but ultimately we couldn't find one we both loved.

when we stepped into the house we finally made an offer on, we were at last in agreement that this was THE ONE. after a bit of back and forth with the sellers, our contract is in place and our closing is set for early april.

though the house needs no updating inside, we have a list about ten miles long of things we'd like to change.

i, being a typical {cancer} AND a left-hander, am extremely creative.
         and emotional.
            some would say moody.

my husband, fish is a {pisces}. he calmly listens to my rants and raves and figures out the practical aspects of my fantastic ideas. when i want to do something that's a little too out there, he brings me back down.
   usually gently.

neither of us has ANY home improvement experience...so this should be quite a fun read for you!

thanks for joining us!

* mari

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